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Pet of the week - Rose

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Logans Fundraiser

Great Dinner at Logans

2014 Christmas Parade

The rain stopped just in time for the  Christmas Parade, everyone had a great time

2014 Nov Craft Fair at the Library

2014 Nov Homer Harmonica Festival

2014 Oct Adoption Tractor Supply

13 puppies

2014 Yoga Festival

2014 Farmers Market

   Digging together            Tug a war                       Kisses all around                                    

       Now its nap time


2014 RPAR Summer Pool Party

Even with the Rain Chloe was having a good time.

2014 Peach Parade

2014 "Carry the Load" Memorial Day Service

Mandy had a great time and was exhausted by the end of the day.

2014 Adoption Petsmart

Afternoon nap time 

2014 High School Soccer

2014 Girls H S Soccer

2013 Christmas Parade

Little cool but everyone had a good time.

2013 Open House/Fall Festival

2013 Fall Festival






2013 Love and Yoga Festival

2013 Adoptions make me sooooo tired!

Moments like this make me happy to be part of 4 Paws Rescue. 

2013 RPAR Summer Pool Party

No sunburn for this girl.