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Shelter Donations

We are raising funds to build a brand new state of the art animal shelter.

Any amount you can donate towards this goal is greatly appreciated.

Below are some of the contributions of $2500 or more in financial or in-kind support.


$27,000   Dr. Lyndon Dawson

                 Shelter Renderings by Mullikin + Stevens, LLC

$  3,000   Connie Watts

$  4,000   Cynthia Sandefer


$  5,000  Connie Watts


$  5,000 Connie Watts

Thank you so much for helping!!

Remember ALL donations are tax deductible.

Here are some of the organizations and businesses that support 4 Paws Rescue Inc.




You are never too young to donate


We loved seeing these young children help us out. 
We appreciate all the donations we get.